Welcome to my blog! I’m Alec (or sometimes Alex) Wright and I’m a mostly electronics hacker/maker.

On this blog I post mostly about the projects I do. A static archive of my old blog is here.

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I’ve been reading some old posts from you in the Time Nuts group where you say that you successfully converted your FE-5650A / M frequency standard from 800Khz to 10Mhz.
I’ve just obtained the same unit, and would be interested in reading your article.

Unfortunately the link in the time nuts forum is dead, and searching your old blog archive yields no result.

Do you happen to still have a copy of the article?


Hi Dave!
Great to hear that old post is still floating about! That was on my old blog, which I’ve made a static archive of here: https://oldblog.m0tei.co.uk/.
If you scroll down to the section titled “Mystery Aircraft Parts and Atomic Clocks”, you should find the post you’re looking for!

Finally someone who is prepared to share their expertise on the Kenwood 701a speed control. I am responsible for the maintenance of two 701a s in the family. The speed control utilises a set of contact breakers that I know I will never find spares for. I have cleaned up the contacts on a diamond stone allowing service to be resumed, but your solution with a triac seems to be the real deal. Will this allow me to bypass the contact breakers? Are the components you use for your solution readily available?
I have replaced a gear wheel on the planetary hub on the other machine and all is well so far. If I can use your solution, then I know I can keep these two machines going for the foreseeable future.

Glad you found my post interesting! This solution doesn’t completely bypass that switch, but it does massively reduce the stress on it – instead of the full motor current going through the switch, it’s just the TRIAC’s gate current. I ordered all the parts from LCSC, with the following part numbers:

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