WARNING: This blog post is one long incoherent rant. Read at your own risk.

Recently my Samsung Galaxy Nexus developed a fault: It wasn't detected when plugged in via USB and it wouldn't charge (except very slowly when switched off). I read that this was a common problem and the USB port needed to be replaced. Since it was under warranty, rather than spending a fiver and half an hour of my time, I thought I'd exercise my consumer rights by sending it in to Samsung for repair. Bad move, as it turns out.

I phoned up the call centre and soon it was booked in to A-Novo for repair. I posted off my phone in the jiffy bag they provided and the next day, my phone was marked as "Non defect (working properly)" on the website. A few days later I got an invoice for GB£138 to replace a cracked screen. Needless to say, there was nothing wrong with the screen when I sent it in. I had the option of paying this charge, paying an unspecified administrative charge for the phone's safe return without repair, or letting them destroy my phone.

I phoned up A-Novo who said that since the packaging wasn't damaged there was nothing they could do, and that I should contact Samsung instead. I decided this was a job for another day. Then the next day, they returned my phone without any warning. I put the battery in, switched it on and found that there was still no damage to the screen. By Hanlon's razor, I'll attribute this to crass stupidity rather than intentional deceit. Anyway, I phoned up customer service again. The person on the phone apologised and, after putting me on hold to talk to her manager, booked my phone in to another service center (Regenersis).

After I sent my phone into regenersis, they returned it fixed within two days, yay! Unfortunately, they also unlocked the bootloader (which tends to void one's warranty) and reflashed it with the wrong software - I sent it in with android 4.2.2 and they sent it back with 4.1.1. At this point I decided to cut my losses and reflash it myself rather than sending it back in. So I now have a working phone again, but not without a huge amount of stress and hassle.

I used the "Email the CEO" feature on Samsung's website to complain about my experience, but all I got back was an email from (presumably) some customer service rep containing the usual "we're sorry to hear this" platitudes. Overall, I wasted a lot of time dealing with Samsung over this. Would not recommend.