I've tried to set up a home server several times, from old desktop PCs or laptops, or xboxes. But the problem has always been bulk, noise, parental interference and power consumption. Since all i need is a seedbox and perhaps a web server, the RPi seemed ideal. Here's my attempt at making a parentproof home server. It has a 32GB SD card for storage (I think I bought it for £20 at Asda) and It's powered from a phone charger. I've sellotaped it to the top of our router and glued the network cable in place. The only weak point is the power supply, and I'm not sure if there's anything really I can do about that. It's running raspbian and it serves hatfield.m0tei.co.uk


EDIT: Parents accidentally (?) yanking the power cable out has started to become a problem. I've found a solution though:


By the cunning application of sellotape, there's now no direction in which you can yank the cable for it to come out of the RPi before the router comes unplugged. I tried throwing it around a bit and that router power cable won't budge.