Today I made red onion chutney. My method, summarised concisely:

Slice N red onions and cook on the hob at a low heat with a little oil. I used a lid but I'm not sure if this was nescassary. For me it took about 20-30 minutes before they were soft. IMG_20121117_184312.jpg

Add 37.5N millilitres of red wine vinegar and 25N grams of sugar. Leave to boil on a low heat. I left the lid on for about 10 minutes then took it off and turned the heat up, letting it reduce.

Once it was of a chutney* sort of consistency, I considered it done and put it in a jar (cleaned out and sterilised with boiling water), then let it cool. For N=4, I made enough to fill a 450g curry sauce jar.

The finished result, served with cheddar and crackers: IMG_20121118_004010.jpg Omnomnom

Edit: I should add, in hindsight I would have cut the onions a bit thinner - it came out a bit coarse.

*I hereby claim "chutney" as an adjective. Chutney, chutnier, chutniest.