I went into the kitchen this evening to find this: IMG_20121024_221355.jpg Free greengages! I have no idea what a greengage is, but I remember it's something you make jam with. So I looked up a recipe, and found that Jamie Oliver recommends 1 part sugar to 2 parts greengages (by mass). And some other crap too, but we can forego that. I didn't have any scales, but luckily I did have a steel rod lying around... I marked out a position about 2/3 of the way along, put a rubber band around it to hang it from, then tried as best i could to balance the greengages on the short arm with the sugar on the long arm. I cut the greengages and plums in half and left them to simmer in the sugar. IMG_20121024_224424.jpg

The recipe suggested that the stones should float to the top. They didn't and I had to separate them out manually with a wooden spoon (if I'd known, I'd have taken them out beforehand...)

Either way though, the final result was delicious! I just had some on toast... omnomnomnomnom IMG_20121024_232310.jpg