A wild reprap update appears! Sorry for the delay, I suck.

So, I've been back at college for a while now, and I arrived to find my pigeonhole filled with little slips saying I had 15 parcels! Amongst these were the stepper motors: IMG_20120930_185530.jpg (You can see here my postal address if you want to send me spam)

And the sanguinololu board and parts (Here pictured after my dreadful attempt at soldering it): IMG_20121022_165823.jpgIMG_20121022_165833.jpg

Plus a load of boring nuts, bolts, washers, bearings....

Beyond having gotten hold of most of the parts, I'm afraid that owing to being busy with work, I haven't much more to report. I have however made a start on the frame! IMG_20121017_211814.jpg This picture was taken at the RepRap meeting I organised at Homerton college bar. Techmeology was there and planned to build a 3D printer out of old flatbed scanners, whilst George Newson (seemingly no internet presence to link to here) plans to build a 3D printer for steel.

If you know anyone else from Cambridge who might be interested in 3D printing, point them my way - I'd like to organise another meeting and potentially start a university RRUG. And if you're interested yourself, let me know on aw570 or me at this domain.

That's all for now!